The Season Standards Manual

The purpose of this document is to fully describe participation expectations for teams in the Central Florida Area. In the Manual, teams will find information on important details and deadlines for before, during, and after official tournaments that are under the jurisdiction of Central Florida Robotics. All procedures discussed in this manual are implemented equally at all tournaments in our region. Additionally, this document sets supplementary policies and procedures for Judging, Volunteering, and Tournament Operations.

All information in this document is considered the official policy of Central Florida Robotics. Every coach, Tournament Director, and other key volunteers should be familiar with this entire document.

No time to review all of the policies and procedures? Check out The FUN Guide: A Summary of Region Policies instead. This document summarizes all region and global policies. However, teams are responsible for abiding by all rules set forth in the Season Standards Manual.

Click here to access the Season Standards Manual (INTO ORBIT)