2017 Regional Championship Results

Champion’s Award - This award recognizes a team that embodies the FIRST LEGO League experience, by fully embracing our Core Values while achieving excellence and innovation in both the Robot Game and Project. Considered the most prestigious, the Champion’s Award is included in both approved awards structures.

  • 1st Place - Team 8265: Bacon Builders

  • 2nd Place - Team 18624: Future Bot Innovators

  • 3rd Place - Team 29469: Cougars

The 1st Place Champion’s Award Winner will advance to the FIRST LEGO League World Festival in Houston, Texas in April; The 2nd Place Champion’s Award Winner will advance to the FIRST LEGO League Razorback Invitational in Fayetteville, Arkansas in May; The 3rd Place Champion’s Award Winner will advance to the FIRST LEGO League LEGOLAND California Invitational in Carlsbad, California in May.

Robot Performance Award - This award recognizes a team that scores the most points during the Robot Game. Teams have a chance to compete in at least three 2.5 minute matches and their highest score counts.

  • 1st Place - Team 18624: Future Bot Innovators (Score of 234)

  • 2nd Place - Team 8265: Bacon Builders (Score of 227)

  • 3rd Place - Team 17472: Robots of the Future (ROFT) (Score of 221)

Core Values Inspiration Award - This award celebrates a team that is empowered by their FIRST LEGO League experience and displays extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit.

  • 1st Place - Team 26684: Pink Piranhas

  • 2nd Place - Team 13860: Technohorns

Core Values Teamwork Award - This award recognizes a team that can accomplish more together than they could as individuals through shared goals, strong communication, effective problem solving and excellent time management.

  • 1st Place - Team 27401: Lighting Botz

  • 2nd Place - Team 732: LEGO Legacies

Core Values Gracious Professionalism® Award - This award recognizes a team whose members show each other and other teams respect at all times. They recognize that both friendly competition and mutual gain are possible, on and off the playing field.

  • 1st Place - Team 27110: Raider Creators

  • 2nd Place - Team 9811: Pine Trail

Project Research Award - This award recognizes a team that utilizes diverse resources to formulate an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the problem they have identified.

  • 1st Place - Team 3420: Highland Heroes

  • 2nd Place - Team 3437: Circuit Breakers

Project Innovative Solution Award - This award recognizes a team’s solution that is exceptionally well-considered and creative, with good potential to solve the problem researched.

  • 1st Place - Team 20723: H2o Melonees

  • 2nd Place - Team 12109: Statemen

Project Presentation Award - This award recognizes a team that effectively communicates the problem they have identified and their proposed solution to both the judges and other potential supporters.

  • 1st Place - Team 18286: Funnoying Technicians

  • 2nd Place - Team 340: Stone Royal Gophers

Robot Mechanical Design Award - This award recognizes a team that designs and develops a mechanically sound robot that is durable, efficient and highly capable of performing challenge missions.

  • 1st Place - Team 9445: Fancy Fish

  • 2nd Place - Team 18099: Cougar Creators

Robot Programming Award - This award recognizes a team that utilizes outstanding programming principles, including clear, concise and reusable code that allows their robot to perform challenge missions autonomously and consistently.

  • 1st Place - Team 21214: Starlords

  • 2nd Place - Team 18226: Echo Tech

Robot Strategy & Innovation Award - This award recognizes a team that uses solid engineering practices and a well-developed strategy to design and build an innovative, high performing robot.

  • 1st Place - Team 16810: Dragon Nova

  • 2nd Place - Team 5586: Kinetic Kittens

Judges Awards - During competition, the judges may encounter teams whose unique efforts, performance or dynamics merit recognition. Some teams have a story that sets them apart in a noteworthy way. Sometimes a team is so close to winning an award that the judges choose to give special recognition to the team. Judges Awards allow the freedom to recognize remarkable teams that stand out for reasons other than the Required Award categories.

  • Team 17472: Robots of the Future (ROTF)

  • Team 10240: Shark Attack

  • Team 27612: Astrobonauts

Coach/Mentor Award - Coaches and mentors inspire their teams to do their best, both as individuals and together. This award goes to the coach or mentor whose leadership and guidance is clearly evident and best exemplifies the FIRST Core Values.

  • Sanjiv Chokshi from Team 24375: EVA4S

Outstanding Volunteer Award - The FIRST LEGO League program would not exist without its volunteers. This award honors an extraordinary volunteer(s) whose dedication to FIRST LEGO League has a positive impact on the team experience.

  • Lauren Dye

Local Awards - Named after former FIRST in Florida Volunteers to honor their major contributors in the past generation of FIRST program delivery in Florida, the Central Florida Robotics local awards offer special recognition to 2 teams for unique and inspiring attributes. The Jason Lovelace Spirit Award recognizes a team for overt enthusiasm and support of the FIRST mission while engaging in graciously professional behavior that is supportive of all participants. The Laura Melnik Inspiration Award recognizes a team who has overcome extensive obstacles that would traditionally challenge their success but were instead incorporated as a component of the team’s unifying identity to uplift and enable them to reach their goals and accomplish amazing feats.

  • Jason Lovelace Spirit Award - Team 1503: PanterBots

  • Laura Melnik Inspiration Award - Team 18286: Funnoying Technicians