Additional FIRST LEGO League Jr. Resources:

Impact more students? While the standard FIRST LEGO League Jr. team registration accommodates student groups of 2 to 6, a Class Pack or School Pack can impact up to 30 or 144 students, respectively, and provides additional resources for large-scale implementation in the classroom and school-wide.

Learn more about Class and School Packs here.

FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. (Grades K-4; Ages 6-10) captures young children’s curiosity and directs it toward discovering the wonders of science and technology. This program features a real-world scientific concept to be explored through research, teamwork, construction, and imagination. Guided by adult coaches, teams use LEGO® Education WeDo to build and program a model that moves and develop a Show Me Poster to illustrate their journey.

Children get to:
  • Design and build a Challenge-related model and make it move using LEGO WeDo
  • Create a Show Me Poster and practice presentation skills
  • Explore challenges facing today’s scientists
  • Discover real-world math and science
  • Begin developing teamwork skills
  • Participate in expos
  • Engage in team activities guided by the FIRST Core Values