FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. captures the curiosity of young children, ages 6 to 10 (grades K-4), and directs it toward discovering the wonders of science and technology. Children explore and research a real-world topic, design and build a model using LEGO® elements making sure there is at least one motorized part, and then present their journey on a poster.

Each August, the program releases a two-part Challenge for teams.

  • Create: Teams illustrate their research and team journey in a Show Me Poster, sharing what they studied and learned.
  • Build: Teams design and build a Team Model based on the Challenge, representing what they have learned.
  • Program: Teams use LEGO® Education WeDo to build and program a model that moves, learning basic engineering and programming concepts. 


FIRST® LEGO® League introduces young people, ages 9 to 14 (grades 4-8), to the fun and excitement of science and technology. Children program an autonomous robot (using a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robot set) to score points on a thematic playing surface, create innovative solutions to a problem, all while being guided by the program’s signature Core Values.

Each year FIRST LEGO League releases a new Challenge to our teams based on a real-world theme. The Challenge has three parts.

  • Robot Game: Build and program an autonomous LEGO MINDSTORMS robot.
  • Project: Teams learn more about the science behind the Challenge theme and design a solution to solve a real-world problem.
  • Core Values: The Core Values are part of what makes FIRST LEGO League so special, because kids compete like crazy but respect their teammates, Coaches, and their “competitors” — and they have FUN!