This DoD STEM Robotics Grant will provide funding for preseason costs to field a team in one of the four FIRST programs as well as registration grants to the end of season FIRST Championships. Funding will not be sent directly to teams or DoD sites/schools. Instead, grants will be issued via team dashboards on the FIRST website. The FIRST Grants office will send specific grant procedures to DoD STEM sponsored teams that must be strictly followed to use the DoD STEM Robotics Grants.

DoD STEM Robotics Grants include funding for registration as well as specific, pre-approved products that teams can order for that season.

Eligibility: A DoD/DoDEA workforce volunteer must identified as a mentor or coach for all teams that submit proposals including new (Rookie) or continuing (Veteran) teams.

More terms, conditions, and funding information for this grant is available here.

Application: To apply, please complete this form.

Deadline: The deadline for funding for the 2019-20 season is June 13, 2019. Please check back in early April for funding information for the 2020-21 season.