FIRST LEGO League Collins Aerospace Accessibility Grant (2019-20 Season)

IMPORTANT: Please note that due to the leadership transition for the Central Florida region, this grant has not been approved for renewal for the 2019-20 season. However, the application has been made available (below) for teams who would like to apply. All applicants will be considered if the funding becomes available and is approved by the new leadership in the Central Florida region. If the funding is not renewed, teams will be informed via email. If you have any questions during the transition period, please contact

FIRST® LEGO® League Collins Aerospace Accessibility Grants are designed to aid teams that would otherwise be unable to participate in the current FIRST LEGO League season without some assistance. This grant provides one or more of the following:

  • 2019-20 FIRST® LEGO® League CITY SHAPERSM Team Registration ($225.00 value)
  • 2019-20 FIRST® LEGO® League CITY SHAPERSM Challenge Set (formerly the Field Setup Kit) ($90.50 value)
  • For New Teams Only (Subject To Availability) LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 Robot Set ($511 value)

This grant is only available to teams registered and participating in the Central Florida region. In order to apply, the team must first have at least a temporary team number.  A temporary team number can be obtained by starting the team registration process. You can login to register your team through the FIRST Dashboard. It will not cost any money to get the temporary team number.  After you have at least the temporary team number, please fill out the form below.  If chosen, all selected teams must commit to completing ALL of the following requirements by April 1, 2020.

  • Register for and participate in both a FIRST LEGO League Pre-Qualifier and a Qualifier.
  • Include the Collins Aerospace logo on all team t-shirts for the season and any other marketing print or digital collateral created. Teams will be sent logo files if they are selected for the grant.
  • Write and mail a thank you letter, with a team photo, to Collins Aerospace. An address will be provided to teams if they are selected for the grant.
IMPORTANT: Failure to complete all of the requirements by November 1, 2019 will result in the selected team having to pay back all of the awarded grant amount.

There will be a rolling acceptance of grant proposals throughout late August and September for the season. Teams should receive notification within two weeks of initial submission. This notification will include all steps necessary to receive grant benefits.

Click here to view the Grant Application.

Please note we will not begin reviewing any responses until August 1.