Grants & Funding for FIRST LEGO League Teams (2018-19)

From time to time, funding opportunities are available to teams in the FIRST® LEGO® League Central Florida Region. When they become available, they will be listed here with a description of what is available, how to apply, the deadline for the submission, and when a response can be expected.

Rockwell Collins FIRST LEGO League ACCESSIBILITY Grant - October 15 Deadline


Rockwell Collins FIRST LEGO League Accessibility Grants are designed to aid teams that would otherwise be unable to participate in the current FIRST LEGO League season without some assistance.  Selected teams are asked to choose up to two items from the list:

  • 2018-19 FIRST LEGO League INTO ORBIT Team Registration ($225.00 value)

  • 2018-19 FIRST LEGO League INTO ORBIT Challenge Set (formerly the Field Setup Kit) ($90.50 value)

To apply for the Rockwell Collins FIRST LEGO League Accessibility Grant, the team must first have at least a temporary team number.  A temporary team number can be obtained by starting the team registration process. Video guides on how to start the team registration process can be found here. You can login to register your team through the FIRST Dashboard. It will not cost any money to get the temporary team number.  After you have at least the temporary team number, please fill out the form below. To be eligible for this grant, you must not have already paid the $299 registration fee as regranting is not a possibility. Please register only to receive your temporary team number and then apply for the grant. If chosen, all selected teams must commit to completing ALL of the following requirements*** by April 1, 2019:

  • Register and participate in BOTH a FIRST LEGO League Pre-Qualifier Tournament (held in the months of November and December) AND a Qualifying Tournament (held in the months of December and January).

  • Include the Rockwell Collins logo on all team t-shirts for the INTO ORBIT(SM) FIRST LEGO League season

    • Access the logo files HERE to download the Rockwell Collins logo of your choice for your t-shirts.

  • Write a thank you letter to Rockwell Collins

    • Please send all letters to:

Attn: Christy R. Canady Mail Spot 610
999 Ave H NE
Winter Haven, FL 33881

  • Include a team photo with your thank you letter

***IMPORTANT: Failure to complete all of the requirements by April 1, 2019 will result in the selected team having to pay back all of the awarded grant amount.***

There will be a rolling acceptance of grant proposals throughout late August and September for the INTO ORBIT season.  Teams should receive notification within one week of initial submission.  This notification will include all steps necessary to receive grant benefits.

Please list either the FIRST LEGO League team number or temporary team number that you received through the registration system.
Coach Name *
Coach Name
Please provide the complete name of the associated organization, if applicable.
Please select the primary county of participant residences.
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The 2018 FIRST® LEGO® League INTO ORBIT Team Hardship Grant

We are no longer accepting applications for this grant. It will be available again for the 2019-20 Season. Team Hardship grants are designed to aid teams that would otherwise be unable to participate in FIRST LEGO League without some assistance. If a team is receiving registration as part of their Hardship grant and has paid for their registration fee or received funding by another means, they will no longer be eligible for this grant. Teams who have previously received a FIRST LEGO League Hardship Grant are ineligible to participate.
There are two application periods in which the Central Florida region will select two teams for cycle one and one team for cycle two be nominated for the grant.
·         Cycle One Application: Opens July 12 – Deadline July 24 (CLOSED)
·         Cycle Two Application: Opens August 8 – Deadline August 18 (CLOSED)
This grant can cover two of the following three available costs to start a team:
·         2018 Team Registration = $225.00
·         2018 Challenge Set = $96.84 ($75.00 FSK + $15.50 Shipping + $6.34 Taxes (estimate)
·         EV3 Robot Set = $561.62 ($489.95 EV3 Robot Set + $34.93 Shipping + $36.74 Taxes (estimate)