FIRST Youth Protection Program

The purpose of the FIRST Youth Protection Program (YPP) is to provide coaches, mentors, volunteers, employees, others working in FIRST programs, Team members, parents, and guardians of Team members with information, guidelines, and procedures to create safe environments for everyone participating in FIRST programs.

The FIRST YPP sets minimum standards recommended for all FIRST activities. Adults working in FIRST programs must be knowledgeable of the standards set by the FIRST YPP, as well as those set by the school or organization hosting their Team. You can watch a short video about FIRST YPP here.    An additional short policy guidance video can be found here.

Youth Protection Expectations and Guidelines: Coaches, Volunteers and Mentors are expected to read and follow elements in the FIRST Youth Protection Program guide that are labeled as required. These are mandatory in the United States and Canada, and may not be waived without the approval of the FIRST Youth Protection Department. Everyone working with FIRST Teams should be familiar with YPP Policies.

  • Youth Protection Program forms are available here.

  • Information on the U.S. Screening process is available here.

  • FaQ and Additional Information regarding the Youth Protection Program is available here.

If you have any questions, please contact: